Bulk Oils:

Bulk Automotive, Heavy Duty Off-Highway, Commercial, and Industrial products offered in Conoco, Kendall, 76, Phillips 66, Castrol Automotive, Castrol Heavy Duty, Spectra, and Private Label

Packaged Oil Products:

Conventional, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic motor oils, greases, gear oils, brake fluids, racing oils, 2-cycle oils, ATF’s, power steering fluids, & outboard motor oils.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF):

Available in cases, totes, and bulk. A high-pure urea solution (DEF) chosen
by all American Diesel Engine Manufactures to meet the new NOx
emission Standards.

Wix and Protec Filters:

We stock a heavy-duty line of Wix Filters for off-highway, on-highway, and industrial use. (Oil, Fuel, Water & Air).  A complete inventory is available under the Protec filter line for automotive use. (Oil, Fuel, & Air)

Antifreeze and Chemicals:

Various package sizes and offerings of Antifreezes, Windshield Washer Fluid, Brake Parts Cleaners, Power Steering Fluids, Starting Fluid, Silicone Spray, Spray Greases, Oil Treatments, Brake Fluids, Power Service Fuel Supplements, De-Icer, Carb Cleaner, Penetrating Oils, & Mineral Spirits

Absorbent Products:

Oil Dri Granular Bags, Oil Dri Pads & Rolls, Containment Booms, Socks, Floor Sweep, Spill Kits, Spill Decks & Pallets, & Containment Units

Lubrication Equipment:

Oil Storage Tanks, Oil & Grease Pumps, Hose Reels, Control Handles, Metered Oil Handles, Non-Metered Handles, Grease Handles, Fluid Inventory Control Systems, Used Oil Equipment, DEF Dispensing & Storage Equipment, Drum Dollies, etc.

Product Data Sheets and Cross References

Phillips 66 Lubricants Look-up